Monday, October 23, 2023


Your Favorite Leftist Collective is Always Looking for New Members!
Get Involved! 

We are open 12-5 pretty much everyday, so stop by!

(see our instagram page for updated hours)

What do members do anyway? Everything! We have weekly music events, study hours, a community fridge and mutual aid project, a vegan kitchen, zine collection, and more! To see our full calendar of events, shows, and meetings, click here! For more details on what specific meeting is for what--click here.

The Che Cafe is a fully volunteer space. Anyone can volunteer, and volunteers are not charged an admission fee at shows, and get to partake in food made in the space! The more volunteers we have to organize shows, the more shows, events, mutual aid projects, and other things the collective can support! Do you like having shows on campus? Do you just like the idea of a diy collective project in 2023? Consider helping out! Both UCSD students and non-students welcome. More information about volunteering here!

Interested? Feel free to email us ( with any questions, or if you would like to volunteer! You can also just show up in person and help out! Our general meetings (Mondays at 7pm) are also fully public. Come on by! For more information on meetings, click here!

Note: The Collective is currently not booking shows UNTIL FEBRUARY 2024 as we are at capacity all previous months. If a day looks free in those months we're unlikely to take that show. Ask us about our FEBRUARY 2024 - ONWARD dates! And you can always ask to hop on an existing show.

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Specific Questions? Email

Radically Yours,
The Che Cafe