Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Things to remember about the Che Cafe Collective

We are a SAFE(R) SPACE. We do not tolerate oppressive behavior.

We house a REALLY REALLY FREE MARKET, filled with tons of cool stuff. We all own a couple things we dont need, so downsize and bring stuff to donate to the next event you come to.

We also have an extensive ZINE LIBRARY, one of the largest in all of southern California. Not only do we love zines and give tons away for free, we also love to print and distribute local zines and have a LOCAL ZINE TABLE. Bring us your zines and we will make copies and table them!

We also have a BOOKS FOR PRISONERS DONATION BIN in which we show our solidarity with our incarcerated brothers and sisters by collecting books and sending them to them. Come drop off some books! We also have free events every month, like our OPEN MICS AND MOVIE SCREENINGS.

Also, did you know that the Che Cafe is a VOLUNTEER RUN COLLECTIVE? We have meetings every Monday at 7PM (unless there is an event).

We at the Che believe in DIY (doing it yourself!) and encourage all of you out there who are interested in seeing something different at the Che or have ideas about things you like to do here, come to a meeting, get involved!