Sunday, January 26, 2014

Infest and Crudos at the Che Cafe!!!

There are certain things in this world that you just think are too cool, too mindblowingly sick, to actually happen.  This is one of them!  About a year ago, our friends INFEST regrouped and played a legendary show here at the Che.  Unbelievably, IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN on February 9, 2014, and this time CRUDOS will be joining them!  That's right!  And they're doing two shows in one day.  The matinee begins at 3pm sharp, and the evening show begins at 7pm sharp.  You don't want to be late because there are 2 different openers for each show.  Openers are posted below!

Now, before people head on over to their favorite Internet watering hole to complain...we heard what you had to say about the last Infest show.  So, in order to help you get a chance to be part of this awesome event, tickets will be released at different times throughout the day because we know you have a busy schedule and your boss is a jerk who won't let you sit on the Internet all day.  You're welcome.  Here is when tickets will be released:

  • Monday, 1/27, 8am
  • Monday, 1/27, 12noon
  • Tuesday, 1/28, 10am (Matinee only)
  • Tuesday, 1/28, 2pm (Evening only)
Tickets for the matinee show, click here
Tickets for the evening show, click here

Matinee show openers:
Impulse (Chula Vista) Bandcamp
Piglife (San Diego) Bandcamp

Evening show openers:
Suspect (Southern California) Bandcamp
Liberate (Los Angeles) Unreleased Tracks

Hardcore rules.  See you there.