The Collective is currently booking shows for 2024! Do not reach out about booking for this year as we are at capacity. Even if a day looks free in those months we're unlikely to take that show. Ask us about our FEBRUARY 2024 - ONWARD dates! You can also always ask to hop on an existing show.

Note: The collective has decided to take a maximum of two shows a week to lessen the stress on all of our volunteers. Exceptions can be made (for special circumstances, student events, non-music events), but this is not guaranteed. As our collective grows we will be able to facilitate more events! If we do not have the volunteer capacity for your events, consider helping out!

Below is our internal calendar. here is a guide for how to read it: 

Meetings: Most of are meetings are virtual, as indicated, which means that they do not conflict with in-person events. The exception is our Monday night general meeting, which is always hybrid in the space. For this reason, we do not usually have shows on Mondays. All our meetings are public. If you are interested and want to get involved, just pop in using the Zoom link below.

Shows: These are music events, and it means that day/time is already booked. Core members associated with the event are indicated as well as confirmed bands. If you are interested in an existing show, you can always contact about it.

Tents: These are tentative holds. These are events that are in the process of being organized, or that need a core member to confirm and move forward. A show cannot be confirmed without a core member to help facilitate the show. If there is a tent on a day you want, it is possible to book on that day, depending on the circumstances. 

Events: These are non-music or student org events. If there is an event, this space is booked. 

Recurring: Certain events happen every two weeks in hybrid format. Because it is a small meeting, it does not conflict with other events. You can usually book over events that say Recurring.

If you have a question about a day, you can always contact us at if you are a band, and if you are a show-goer, or a potential volunteer! Any hybrid or virtual meeting will take place in this same Zoom room.

Note to bands: We're a collective of volunteers, and many of us are full-time students. We are not paid for our volunteer hours organizing the space. Because of this, and because of the location of the space (on a campus separated from the downtown), we try to have no more than 2-3 shows a week, usually on weekends. Shows during the week tend to not be well attended (although there are exceptions). All shows must have a core member in attendance, and every show must be confirmed at a meeting. For more information on core members, volunteering, and meeting format, check out our "Join the Collective!" tab.

We release announcements on our Instagram with flyers as our presales go live! Follow us here for the latest updates: . For our presale, please take a look at the Online Ticket tab!