The Collective is currently not taking shows for September or October, as we are at capacity for those months. If a day looks free, but is in September or October, we're unlikely to take that show. Ask us about our November/December dates! And you can always ask to hop on a show.

Note: In November onward, the collective has decided to reduce the total number of shows a week to lessen the stress on all of our volunteers. Exceptions can be made (for special circumstances, student events, non-music events), but this is not guaranteed. As our collective grows we will be able to facilitate more events! If we do not have the volunteer capacity for your events, consider helping out!

Below is our internal calendar. It includes tentative holds, internal meetings (in person and virtual), and other things the space is used for. If you have a question about a day, you can always contact us at if you are a band, and if you are a show-goer, or a potential volunteer!

Note to bands: We're a collective of volunteers, mostly full-time students. We are not paid for our volunteer hours organizing the space. Because of this, and because of the location of the space, we try to have no more than 2-3 shows a week, usually on weekends. Shows during the week tend to not be well attended (although there are exceptions). All shows must have a core member in attendance, and every show must be confirmed at a meeting. For more information on core members, volunteering, and meeting format, check out our "Join the Collective!" tab.

We release announcements on our Instagram with flyers as our presales go live! Follow us here for the latest updates: . For our presale, please take a look at the Online Ticket tab!