Summer Session 1 (June 26 to July 29)

The space is open during all events on the Calendar tab, but there are also various meetings and open hours when the space is open for general use. Open hours vary based on volunteer capacity from quarter to quarter. We will do our best to keep current hours updated on this page. If it is past July 29, 2022, these current hours may not be accurate.

Note: The Che Cafe also has a Community Fridge Project in conjunction with Mutual Aid at UCSD. The Community Fridge will be open whenever the space is.

Open Hours:

It's official! We're open for studying or hanging out during summer session 1! 
Hours 12-6pm from June 27 through July 29 (weekend hours 12-6 as well!)

We're dedicated to keeping the community fridge open - no points or enrollment necessary. Come drop off food (vegan items preferred) or take some of you need it- bathrooms, waterstation, wifi, outlets and AC. Instruments, chalkboard, craft supplies and books available as well!

Brave the construction zones and come hang out with us!

Meetings with an in-person component: General Meetings: Mondays 7pm-whenever
Our other subcollective meetings are virtual only. Please see the Join the Collective tab for a list of our subcollective meetings.

Other Events: the Calendar tab has displays our Our Instagram (@thechecafe) also has a list of all our upcoming shows and events.

If you are unsure if the space will be open at a particular time/date, you can always email info@checafe.org.