Address & Parking

Che Cafe Collective
9500 Gilman Dr. #0323
La Jolla, CA 92093-0323
(Note: you MUST use code 0323 or it will automatically be sent back. Please email us if you mail us something so we know to look for it!)

1000 Scholars Dr S
La Jolla, CA 92093
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Note about iOS (apple iphones): On iOS, the iMaps app is incorrect if you search "The Che Cafe". We have submitted a complaint, but it takes you to another unrelated location on campus. Please use Google maps below instead.

From the 5 freeway, exit on La Jolla Village Drive, and head west. You will veer off to the right, onto Gilman Dr. From there, turn right on to Gilman, and take your first left onto Scholar's Drive. From there, you will travel up Scholars Dr hill and see a little, art-covered building on your left.

Campus DOES ticket so if you choose to park on campus, make sure and pay using the app or a meter. More information here. The Che Cafe parking lot is very limited in space. Most spaces are reserved for the La Jolla Playhouse, and the nearest parking structure is South Parking Structure. Do Not Park in the gravel or wooded area, or where it says No Parking At Any Time. You will be ticketed if they show up, and we are powerless to stop it. You have been warned.

1. South Parking Structure (Google Maps): Located about a 5 minute walk from the Che Cafe, just walk up the hill along Scholars Dr to find us!

Information on rates, instructions, and the parking app can be found here:

2. Cliffridge Ave. (Google Maps): This street, as well as Robinhood Ln. and Nottingham Pl. have free evening street parking, and two hour free daytime parking. This is directly south of Campus, and the Che Cafe. Just cross La Jolla Village Dr. at the Torrey Pines Rd. intersection, walk past the La Jolla Playhouse, and down the hill to find us! It is about a 5-7min walk.

3. TBA Eighth College: UCSD is currently constructing dorms and buildings where the La Jolla Playhouse Theater parking lot used to be. Once it is completed, there will be parking structures located underneath those buildings. When will they be completed? Wish we knew!