The Che Cafe Collective is a San Diego DIY Venue, Vegan Cafe and Radical Space that was founded in 1980. We are a worker's collective and we are volunteer run. We have collective meetings on Mondays at 7pm and make decisions using consensus. 


Doors prices range from $5 to $15. Cash Only.

Events typically start at 7:00pm and go until 11:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

We're not a bar, we strive not to run on bar time. We stick to an early schedule to accommodate the bands, our volunteers, and the all ages crowds that often have curfews. More importantly touring bands appreciate it when they are not leaving at an absurd hour, because the show started late. 


Anyone can volunteer at the Che - it doesn't matter how old you are, or if you're student at UCSD. Help is needed at virtually every event that goes on here. Working in our co-op / workers' collective, and learning to cooperate with others in a non-hierarchical setting can be a very valuable experience. Benefits to volunteering at events are free admission and food (if food is being cooked). So please come out to any event to volunteer. Please note that the amount of volunteers needed for events is often limited. If you wish to volunteer try and show up an hour to half an hour before the listed door time. Or Make yourself known by coming to our weekly meetings.

Collective Meetings

Meetings are Every Monday at 7pm at the Che Cafe (unless there is a show on a Monday, in which case we generally move the meeting to the Sunday night before).

If you're seriously interested in getting involved, want to make a change, have questions to ask, or a proposal to make, come join us in our weekly meetings. Be forewarned meetings can be long at times, and when you first start coming you may not understand many of the issues that we are discussing, but you're encouraged to keep coming back. Don't feel bad about leaving early if you need to.



NO Booze, Drugs, Graffiti or Weapons.

Use common sense and respect the space.

This is an ALL AGES venue.

No alcohol or drugs are permitted inside the premises.

Please, respect the venue and DO NOT tag/sticker the walls, murals, or mirrors.

If you show up inebriated or are caught doing something you shouldn't, expect to be expelled. Bringing or doing any of these things just gives the campus more reason to shut the Che down.


Common sense once again.

Take your drama elsewhere. Do not care what it is about, we do not want it here.

Pit Etiquette - be aware of your surroundings. Do not ruin it for people just wanting to have a good time. Nobody likes to get hit in the face. If someone falls down, pause and pick them up. If you do not wish to be shoved by the mosh, do not stand in or next to the mosh.

Stay out of the rafters.

Exact Change at the door is ALWAYS helpful and gets you in faster

YES! Shows do SELL OUT.

Don't be that person that shows up late and pesters the door people about letting you and/or your friends in. The Che is limited to a 170 person capacity as per the fire code. Once it is filled we are done letting anyone in for the night.

We've had the pleasure of hosting the following National and Local Acts:

The Murder City Devils, City of Caterpillar, Converge, American Nightmare, Green Day, Rise Against, Billy Corgan, Infest, Cursive, Lewd Acts, Blonde Redhead, At the Drive-In, The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Page Ninety Nine, Kylesa, Matt & Kim, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Kimya Dawson, Paul Baribeau, Defiance Ohio, Deerhoof, The Donkeys, Lightning Bolt, Harry & the Potters, Black Dice, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Isis, Botch, Bright Eyes, Graf Orlock, Comadre, Moving Units, Seven Generations, Chumbawamba, Mike Watt, Hella, Sleep, Acid Mothers Temple, Animal Collective, BARR, Beautiful Skin, Japanther, The Make Up, Find Him and Kill Him, Dan Deacon, Bon Iver, Circle Takes the Square, Coachwhips, the Damo Suzuki Network, Unwound, Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil, Drive Like Jehu, Gogogo Airheart, The (international) Noise Conspiracy, Swing Kids, Unbroken, The Locust, Arab on Radar, Gehenna, Le Shok, The Microphones, Mount Eerie, The Blood Brothers, These Arms Are Snakes, The Chinese Stars, Kill Me Tomorrow, The Casualties, Leftover Crack, Subhumans, Citizen Fish, Om, Jesu, Abe Vigoda, No Age, Health, FIDLAR, Chromatics, Glass Candy, Business Lady, Meneguar, Castanets, Horse the Band, Daughters, An Albatross, The Black Heart Procession, My Chemical Romance, Toys That Kill, Three Mile Pilot, Heavy Vegetable, The Album Leaf, Rob Crow, Cattle Decapitation, Antioch Arrow, Weatherbox, Dutchesses, Danava, Cuckoo Chaos, The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls, Wavves, Best Coast, Cloud Nothings, The Faint, No Knife, Blessure Grave, Dystopia, Chelsea Wolfe, Earth, Wolves in the Throne Room, Deafheaven, Xiu Xiu, The Body, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Maria Taylor, Her Space Holiday, Deathcab For Cutie, Mirah, Dashboard Confessional, OFF, Earthless, Sleeping People, Envy, Erase Errata, Far, Woods, R. Stevie Moore, The One AM Radio, The Spits, Heathers, Tilly & the Wall, Of Montreal, Casper & the Cookies, Julie Doiron, Trash Talk, The Vanishing, The Velvet Teen, Vue, Wampire, Religious Girls, XBXRX, and many many others.



Allen & Heath WZ 16:2dx
4 Individual Monitor Sends
Separate 31band DBX iEQ31 for L.Main and R. Main
Separate 31band DBX 231s for Mon. 1-2
Separate 31band DOD SR431 QXLR Mon. 3-4

2 Mackie PA152 15"
2 Klipsch 18"
2 Yamaha 18"

4 JBL 12"

6 SM58s
4 SM57s
1 Beta 52A
1 Audix i5
5 Live Wire SPDI Passive Direct Boxes

8 Color Gel Cans
NSI MC 7008 Memory Lighting Controller

Stage Dimensions