Thursday, March 31, 2022

April 2022 Newsletter



We're Back and We're Looking for New Members!

Get Involved! 

Interested? Feel free to email us ( with any questions, or if you would like to volunteer! You can also just show up in person and help out! Our general meetings (Mondays at 7pm) are also fully public. Come on by!

The Che Cafe is a fully volunteer space. Anyone can volunteer, and volunteers are not charged an admission fee! The more volunteers we have to organize shows, the more shows the collective can support! Do you like having shows on campus? Consider helping out! 

Update: Due to current circumstances, all shows are currently courtyard shows, but the space and facilities are open for use! This is a fully VAX space. Entrance will not be permitted without proof of COVID vaccination.

Upcoming for April!

April 2
Doors at 6:00pm - $0
Lineup: None! Come and have some fun at our karaoke night!

April 8
Doors at 6:30! - $10
Lineup: @nationalweatherreport, @rosetintedglasses.official, @duck.pals,
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April 10
Doors at 5:30 - $10
Lineup: @2headedgrrl,, @areweprjct, @_girlscamp_, @itswyattjaxon
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April 12
Doors at 7:00 - $10/$15
Lineup: @clementine_was_right, @francis.blume, @deadperennials
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April 15
Doors at 6:00 - $0
Lineup: UCSD Symphonic Student Association
April 16
Doors at 12:00pm - $8
Lineup: @lossaintsofficial, @kelpbeds_, @witchin_alleys, @itsjackjupiter, @rainonfridays, The Spliffs, @floweranimals, @p41nt1ngs, @geminthenight
April 20
Doors at 7:00 - $15
Lineup: @militariegun, Mil-Spec, @glean_sd, @xheadcountx, @bent_blue
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Stay tuned for an official announcement later on our IG (@thechecafe) for more info!

The Rest of April 

April 23
The Gay Agenda and Middle Aged Queers
$10, Doors at 6:30pm