Monday, March 21, 2016

3/26 Vegan Potluck: 1 Year Anniversary of the Occupation

Hi everyone!

Can you believe it?!? March 24th, 2016 will mark the first anniversary of the sit-in and occupation of the CHE Cafe, to protest UCSD administration's posting of the eviction notice on the building and to gaurd against any "stealth" move by the Sheriffs to do the eviction without TV cameras and supporters watching. It became the longest sit-in in UCSD and UC history (lasting 121 days). Combined with other factors (boycotts, etc.) it led to new negotiations with admin (ongoing) about the funding and planning to work on maintenance of the building and a de-escalation of the conflict. It led to the CHE being including in the negotiations for a renewal lease for all of the co-ops.

We will be having an annual VEGAN potluck! Feel free to bring any vegan dishes!

Price: donation based

(More details will become available soon!)

There will be a Friends Fest shortly after the potluck to benefit Groundwork Books Collective, and it's going to be SIQQ!