Sunday, August 24, 2014

UCSD Co-ops & Collectives Alumni Lunch

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UCSD Co-ops & Collectives Alumni Lunch
A Fund Raiser  for the Che Cafe Collective Defense Fund and  The Launch Event for a new activist alumni organization

Lunch and Music and ?

August 30, 2014
1 - 4 pm (maybe going later)
Che Cafe at UCSD

Suggested Minimum Donation of $25
Please email us now to  make your reservation at and pre-order here!

Vegan Chorizo Tamales 
Spanish rice
Nopales salad
And drinks

We hope to gather together a group of former students who worked in any of the  co-ops and collectives on campus, as well as alumni who support the UCSD co-ops and the growth of the co-ops at the campus (whether one worked in one of the co-ops or not). 
Bands for this event are:
Nice World
Array Orchestra
We want to embrace a broad alumni community which understands cooperatives and collectives to include:
The Print Co-op
The Computer Co-op
The Committee for World Democracy - Political Film Series
The Lumumba-Zapata (Third) College General Assembly (1969-72)
The child Daycare Cooperative
The Bike Co-op
Groundwork Books Collective
The Food Co-op
The Recycling Co-op
The Student Cooperative/Student Cooperative Union
The Women's Resource Center collective
The Che Cafe Collective
The General Store Co-op
Alternative Visions Collective
Voz Fronteriza
The Indicator/Crazy Times/North Star/New Indicator Collective and other groups (and we ask people to nominate the groups we need to reach out for)

Please help us to find and invite all these people!

The new group we envision will initially be independent of the official Alumni Association.

We may seek recognition as a sub-group of the official association once we have established ourselves. 

Previous attempts to get recognition first (and access to the association newsletter, etc.) have been unsuccessful.

The time is ripe, and we will just have to take direct action.

Solidarity Forever,
Nicole Morales, Susan Wingfield-Ritter, Arnie Schoenberg and Monty Kroopkin