Saturday, May 10, 2014



The University Administration is trying to shut down the Che!!!!

We need your support to fight back. The University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB) is going to vote this coming Monday to cut the Che from their budget. We have a petition going around that you should sign and share:

We are also asking people to come to the UCAB meeting to give their input during the public comment section. The meeting is on Monday (5-19-14) from 11am- 2pm at the Ballroom A in Price Center West.  Meet at Che at 10am to walk to Price Center together.  Meet back at Che after for reflection and strategizing for the future of Che.

Our current goal is to get more information about whats is necessary for Che to remain in its current location and include this in out future plans to keep Che in its current location.

If we fail, this could result in the permanent closure of the Che. You're a punk, skip work or school or whatever else you have going on to come to this meeting!

Thank you for your support. The Che exists because of the amazing community that has been created around it, now is the time for this community to come together to fight for one of the few safe and sober spaces in San Diego.