Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Local Hardcore Showcase at the Che!

It can be easy to forget that hardcore exists without the input of agents, managers, tour laminates, guarantees, and 10 tables worth of merch!  The Che is proud to offer up a showcase with local hardcore bands...no bullshit attitudes, no neon shirts, no digital download codes!  Check it out!

December 15th, 6:30pm:
Sociopathetic:  Members of Crime Desire, Waco Fuck and Anthrot!  http://compressedthought.bandcamp.com/
Impulse:  Chula Violence...Crossed Out worshippers!  Impulse Band Camp
Suspect:  Ex-Find Him and Kill Him, Tear It Up, Knife Fight, and Deep Sleep.  Suspect Band Camp
Nerve Control:  National City Hardcore Punk!  Nerve Control

Doors at 6:30, and the order of the bands to be decided that day, so don't be late!