Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wednesday August 8th

Wednesday August 8th
Acoustic Funtime Friendship Fest featuring The Taxpayers!

set times:
Ricardo De Castro: 7:15
Brian Gower: 7:25
The Last Centurion (Patrick Erhard): 7:35

Jonathon Barefoot (Jonathan Andrew Mueller): 7:45
Bogsey and the Argonauts (Brandon Boggs) 7:55
Blackrabbit (Raineir G. Pesebre): 8:05
AJ Peacox: 8:15
Little Bear (Matthew Steven Bearrones): 8:25
Sledding With Tigers: 8:35
Bellow (Ben Levinson): 8:45
carlz barkley (Carly Skeletoyer): 8:55

Keith Rosson (Zine Reading): 9:15
The Taxpayers (Book Reading + Party Set): 9:45 

YAY! Everyone should invite all of their friends!


7pm doors, $5