Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fearday October 28, 2011

There will be fourbands, it will be completely Halloween-themed, attendees are heavily encouraged 
to come in costume, there will be delicious stew sold at the event, and all of the
proceeds  will go straight to the Che. Here are descriptions
and links for each band:

▲nglds† is a project created by the inscrutable group. ▲nglds†
is a master of dark vibes and has an insane live show ready full of REAL Halloween
music that will be sure to M3L† BR△1nz.
Nuclei is explosive, memorable, and frankly skeptical of most things. A. Nuclei is also very, very afraid. They have decided to confront their fears and play among ghouls and the damned on Halloween this year, banging their drums against the ever-present ghost of apocalypse. A. Nuclei is led by the anxious James Curry, and backed up by the fearless likes of Gonzalo Meza and Julian Klincewicz. + Hotel Reverb is like a beautiful room filled with glasses of never-spoiling milk, floating into the air and remaining suspended in it as the milk slowly leaves each glass, glittering in the sunlight. Their music is fuzzy, melodic, spacey, melancholy, propulsive. Hotel Reverb is the prodigious Dylan Davis and Miles Clowminzer. Séanceinthesun 
Two-piece heavy noise pop/beach punk band who's songs cover life in San
Diego from traffic, drinking with Cholos at the beach and eating Mexican
food, to the general sun drenched glaze that hangs over our city; along
with darker tongue-in-cheek lyrics about love, loss, and burritos. Their
miraculous rise to fame has taken the worldinternetweb by storm, receiving  coverage from blogs including YVYNYL, FriendsWithBothArms, Cactus-Mouth,
 and Thingsastheyare.
noisepop/spewgaze outfit consisting of Michael A. Clower and Kevin McWilliams.
Séanceinthesun is your friend.