Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sept 10th til the 11th


24 hr DJ set by "Craig Biggio"

From Sunset til Sunset

24 continuous hours of records will be played by yours truly with no breaks, no assistance and probably pretty loud the entire time.

This will be a benefit show for the Che and by donation.
The music played will be broadly classified as 'interesting'.

Check back here or on the che website for a "link" to an internet stream so that you may participate remotely.

I will probably live blog' this as well checafe.tumblr.com

Other rules:
I will only eat snacks. No hot meals will be served.
I must start at sunset and end at sunset with a total set time of 23h59 minutes.
No bad attitudes
No chopping and screwing or 'performative' DJing - just straight up music the entire time.
No same artist back-to-back
No complaining

7pm, til 7pm. Bring Donations