Thursday, August 4, 2011

Che Cafe Benefit Compilation

For those that know and the many who do not, the Che Cafe is facing what may be it's last year. Some very kind folks have set up a benefit to try and prevent that. Eventually this blog will become a compilation of music, art, and memories where all proceeds will go back to the Che Cafe. If you would like to participate in this benefit or simply want to donate please follow the instructions on the link. 

Che Cafe Benefit  

Submissions & Info:   jessekranzler [at] gmail [dot] com
                                georgepritzker [at] gmail [dot] com

Hello friends! Welcome to the Che Cafe Benefit blog. This fundraising page will serve as a collection of music, art, photographs, videos, and words from a community that supports the perseverance of San Diego’s DIY venue, vegan cafe, and resource center for radical grassroots activists—a space that has remained vital for 31 years. Unfortunately, financial adversity is now threatening the Che’s existence, and we need everyone—those of us whose lives’ have been shaped by the Che as well as those who are just now discovering it—to come together and raise enough money to renew the Che’s insurance policy and ensure that this crucial community space will remain in operation next year. 
The theft of the Che’s sound system last year was a damaging setback, and with the expensive insurance renewal date approaching, the need to reach our $12,000 fundraising goal in the ensuing months is extremely urgent. We encourage you to donate whatever you can; every penny will prove helpful. In addition to monetary donations, we are also accepting creative contributions for this blog. We hope that with this donation page, filled with art and thoughts from people who support this space and what it has stood for over the past three decades, we will not only help raise the money necessary to keep the Che Cafe running, but also the awareness of its legacy and how it will continue to benefit our community in the future. Keep your eyes open for more benefit events and a compilation record on the horizon, and please see the contact and donate pages for more information on how to contribute. Thanks!