Monday, June 27, 2011

July 6th!

Wednesday July 6th!

Author & Punisher 
- This is Tristan Shone's industrial doom project. And I mean industrial because he makes all of his own beastly creations. Some pretty sick stuff here!!

Extreme Animals 
- David Wightman is a rock and roll jock. Jacob Ciocci (Paper Rad) is a mad man. Together they make incredibly ugly beautiful electro-thrash music with videos. Way intense.

A Magic Whistle 
- Andy Puls used to make fuck faces with his wife in a band called Neon Hunk. They were on Load Records. His new jam, A Magic Whistle, is a little more synth friendly.

- Frankie Martin is a UCSD Visual Arts MFA Student. Watching her art is like staring at the sun on crack while your eyeballs trip out on purple drank and try to turn themselves inside out. QQ partner Eric Derr better watch his step!!
 - Bruisecaster is San Diego CityBeat's Peter Holslin and a hardcore rhythm section to make some natty beats with broken dreams and a broken drum machine laptop with thug life aspirations.

8pm, $6