Wednesday, April 20, 2011

May 28th!

Saturday May 28th

Hail The Sun

Thanks Jack

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The City Freeze

Shoe Shine Boys

Hail the Sun is back on the road, and embarking on their 4th tour this summer, the "Hail the Sun...or Else! Tour" starting late May and going into mid June. Its been about 5 months since they played Che Cafe, and they have been looking forward to their return to San Diego. The States they are hitting are California, Nevada, and Oregon.

This past year and a half, Hail the Sun has toured 3 times, released a full length album entitled "POW! RIGHT IN THE KISSER!", received numerous reviews and interviews, got the cover of Synthesis Magazine, played with notable acts including Letlive., Jamie's Elsewhere, Surrogate, and they learned how to breathe underwater. This year of 2011, the band has already traveled over 2000 miles, and will be traveling 2500 more on this next tour. Join them on this wonderful adventure, and kick John whiles he's down. (get it?)

It starts at 7:00 pm, and its going to be a nice big whopping ball of good clean fun. Hope to see you all there!