Friday, April 29, 2011

July 3rd

Sunday, July 3rd

Life Erased (Dallas, TX), Embolization (Dallas, TX), Age of Collapse, No God, & Anthrot
7:30pm - $6.00

Check out music and shit:

Life Erased


Age of Collapse:


Since its formation a year ago, Life Erased has quickly become a fixture of the Dallas punk scene, playing often at the Phoenix Project, a nonprofit Dallas venue Barnett and his friends helped start and at which they regularly volunteer.

The band has earned its reputation defying a punk stereotype. The guys in Life Erased aren't striving to sound sloppy. In fact, the songs on the free debut EP, Atop the Mountain of Your Dead Selves, are executed with violent precision, striking in their unholy matrimony of brute force and technical prowess.